måndag 7 februari 2011

måndag 22 november 2010

Photoshoot for an interior & fashion magazine

During this last month we've been busy hunting down a suitable house for our next photoshoot! Finally we found the perfect one, a newbuilt villa outside of Stockholm, in Värmdö!
So last Thursday we did the shoot for this new interior & fashion magazine in a beautiful house in Värmdö. It was a great challenge both for me & the stylist Ida, and also working with a whole new team! Since neither of us have done this type of shoot before we were even more excited than usual! Two models, in a house, interior-feeling but at the same time we wanted it to be a story between the couple & more of a fashion sence to it than interior.. The magazine has a certain touch that we needed to have in mind, combining that with our own touch.. You'll be able to see the result in the magazine in January or February 2011 & see for yourself how we managed! I'm doing the retouch as we speak!.. It's gonna be amazing! ; )

The stylist Ida, so excited!! Since it was our first interior & fashion editorial we were all a bit over-excited!.. ; )

The bathroom scene...

Linda doing the hair & makeup on the gorgeous model Suzanne..
The team going through the result during the day..

We had the great joy to have Anna assisting us during this whole day,fixing everything needed fixing, always with a smile!.. : )

A great day with a great team! We managed to keep the timeframe perfectly!..
14 images, kind of amazed!

The biggest thanks as always to a great team!!

Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair & makeup Linda Gradin
Model Suzanne/Nisch Management, Erik S/Stockholmsgruppen
Photo assistant Jimmy Tang
Stylist assistant Filippa Malmgren
Production Manager Jenny Herrlin
Production assistant (on set) Anna Rangstig

Big thanks to the family Waxin & the estate agent www.Esny.se!

måndag 15 november 2010

Exhibition@Galleri Duerr

It's been some hectic weeks planning for the upcoming shoots & also preparing everything for the exhibition 'ÖÖ Was It A Dream' at the new & amazing gallery 'Galleri Duerr', where 5 images from the editorial 'End Of Sunrise' & related fashion film with music made by Blackbirch will be shown. The launch is tomorrow night between 18-21 & the whole team behind this story are all so excited to be represented and to be a part of such an amazing project! I have made a special print for this event for the first 25 who arrive at the launch tomorrow & a few more things to come! Hope that you will be able to attend this event during Tuesday-Saturday!

ÖÖ, meaning 'night' in Estonian, is a temporary gallery, showroom and concept store showcasing work by young avant-garde creatives from six Nordic countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The project launched as part of London Design Festival in September 2010, and will now take place in Stockholm at Galleri Duerr at Odenplan the 16-20 November, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, and later at the Fashion Week in Copenhagen.

ÖÖ features a collaborative community of entrepreneurs in fashion, furniture and product design, photography, film making, graphics and illustration, whose work is characterized by dark and surreal aspects of Nordic aesthetics.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition 'ÖÖ: Was It A Dream? It was a hectic day and week fixing everything, but in the end it turned out great!
Great people and great new meetings!
Two of my pictures from my portfolio, here from the editorial Wherever I Lay My Hat.
The pictures hanging in front of the windows..5 pictures chosen from 'End Of Sunrise', 2 of them visible from the outside of the windows!

It was a great crowd! A great band was playing and then great music the rest of the night..

A picture from the related fashion film, made by me and Soheill Deriss, that also was a part for the exhibition..

The always so lovely stylist Ida in front of our work!

The Team behind 'End Of Sunrise':
Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair Sofie Brandel/Preston Hair
Makeup Elva Ahlbin
Model Cecilia E/Elite Management
Second Photographer (filming) Soheill Deriss
Photoassistant Björn Weidinger

tisdag 9 november 2010

In the desert for SVA Magazine #5

After a short Summer vacation up north (in my hometown Umeå, Sweden) I came back to Stockholm to do another shoot for the new & upcoming norwegian fashionmagazine called SVA Magazine. The deadline for this issue was one month earlier than I'd been told before so suddenly we only had two weeks to plan & deliver the finished retouched editorial! And I like to take my time doing the retouch.. : ) It was a hectic two weeks finding the perfect location, model & so on but everything turned out great, see for yourself here, the editorial GROUND ZERO!
The theme was futurism & we decided to do a story of the future where the human needs to find a new planet to live & survive on, learning to adjust to this new life..
We were prepared for rain but it got to be one of the hottest days ever, left us feeling like we really were in a desert (!).

We had a little mishap with one of the cars when we were loading the MacBook Pro and the battery suddenly died at one of the highest sandtops in the middle of the shoot..but to our happiness got rescued by my great collegue & owner of the car who jumped on his motorcycle to Bålsta to help us out! (Jakob, you are truely the best! Can't thank you enough!))
It's amazing how many wonderful people you get to meet when you least expect to! The spectacularly kind & generous Roger at the wonderful location 'Ballast Grustag' in Bålsta was so helpful that I'm still amazed! A thousand thanks!!!

The beautiful 'desert' Ballast Grustag in Bålsta..what amazing scenery!
Elva putting on the hairpiece on the lovely model Olivia & Ida as always doing a wonderful job styling!
Working in the trunk, a bit sunstroke, chosing images..a bit difficult in the sunlight, luckily we'd brought sunscreen!
ClaesMikael & Ida discussing the styling..
Great hot day, refilling the energy with some bananas while discussing the next pose!
My always so lovely assistant Björn, doing the backup on my computer between takes..

The biggest thanks as always to the greatest team!

Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair & makeup Elva Ahlbin
Model Olivia/Nisch Management
Creative Artist ClaesMikael Svensson
Production Manager Jenny Herrlin
Photoassistant Björn Weidinger
Special thanks to Ballast Grustag in Bålsta, designer Magda Marnell, Jakob Dahlström, ClaesMikael Svensson, Peter Edqvist & many more!

fredag 22 oktober 2010


In just a few days (Oct 26) our editorial Etnoglamour is out in Plaza Kvinna #11, the November Issue. It was inspired by the nomads, the desert, the Orient, the Northern, the Indians, the lonelyness & the strenght in a warrior, a woman, a warriorprincess. In my mind the story is about the Desert Flower who despite everything grows, lives & survives in the desert. I think the thought of it is so beautiful & I hope you feel the same way about the story!

It was a lot of props this time, a lot of heavy hair & so many layers of clothes!!.. We felt a bit bad for the lovely model Olivia who had to carry everything from hair to clothes..& at the same time have the strenght & energy as a warrior, a hunter in the savann..
It was a hot day at the studio & we all worked really hard to get everything the way we had planned so I hope you will enjoy the result!

We had as always the most wonderful team! Also we got to have the wonderful Jenny at Studio Mjuklyx producing this whole shoot & it was so great to have such an amazing help! So the biggest thanks!! I'm so grateful!!

Live, learn & love! Until next time!

Sofie fixing the extraordinary heavy but oh so beautiful hair on the model Olivia..
The scenographer Dixie busy fixing & changing the scenary for every image..
..the whole crew working hard to get everything in order!
Jenny, me, Björn & Elva discussing the first test-images..
It has to be perfect!..talented Sofie & Elva working their magic, as always with such focus!

The lovely & amazingly talented creative artist ClaesMikael..
The biggest thanks as always to the greatest team!
I'm so glad to be able to work with all of you!
LOVE to you all!

Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair Sofie Brandel/Preston Hair
Makeup Elva Ahlbin
Model Olivia R/Stockholmsgruppen
Creative Artist ClaesMikael Svensson
Scenographer Dixie Thomas Hughes/Salvage
Production Manager Jenny Herrlin
Photoassistant Björn Weidinger, Ninnie Schröder
Stylist assistant Kate Karlsson

Big thanks again to Studio Mjuklyx for having us there & helping us out in every way possible!

måndag 9 augusti 2010

Wherever I Lay My Hat..out now in Plaza Kvinna

For a long time I've been wanting to combine the fashionshoots with the things that's close to my heart. I love beautiful images & love to make fantasy-worlds to lose myself in & forget about the rest.. Dreams to be dreamt..

Inspired by the recession & the materialism with the wish of providing a fantasy, an alternative world filled with color & dreams, we finally got to do our shoot 'Wherever I lay my hat'. Wherever you lay your hat is your home, your home is where your heart is & your heart is wherever you want it to be.

This must have been the best shoot ever! Everything from styling, hair, makeup, the model, the location, the props, the spirits - everything came together so easily! We we're thrilled to be able to get the model of our choice, the stunning Henrietta B/Elite Models, cute as sugar & absolutely perfect in every way! It's always a joy to work with such a great team!
Everything went on so smoothly & we're so excited for the images to finally arrive at the stores in one of Sweden's best fashion magazines, Plaza Kvinna #10, the October Issue, tomorrow the 28 of september! Can't wait! Feel free to glanze at the 'Månadens Medarbetare/Freelancer of the month' as well : )

Hope you will enjoy the story as much as we do! Unfortunately there's only 8 spreads in the magazine this issue, but the rest of the story you can find on my website! & the best of all is that we have a 12-pages editorial in the next issue of Plaza Kvinna #11, the November Issue, so stay tuned! A lot to look forward to this autumn!

All the best for now!

The rack with the clothes for the shoot..
..and the props..and the lovely Ida with the amazing hat which became the lead-word for the whole shoot!
Me and Ida planning..
The very concentrated makeup artist working her magic..
..on the fabulous model Henrietta!
The best hair stylist I know, Sofie making magic with the wigs..
..always a joy and lots of laughter when Sofie's around!
The team looking at our first choices & sketches, all of us already kind of blown away if I may say so myself : )

LOVE to all!

Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair Sofie Brandel/Preston Hair
Makeup Elva Ahlbin
Model Henrietta B/Elite
Photoassistant Björn Weidinger

Red Collar Project

I was really flattered when the clothing brand Red Collar Project called me up just before summer & wanted me to do their new campaign & lookbook for their Spring/Summer collection 2011. & wanted me to do it 'my style'. Couldn't be better! So of course I also wanted to have my favourite stylist Ida Persson to do the styling and also my wonderful photoassistant Björn to be part of my team as well.

It was a lot of hard work getting everything together as it always is. (Why am I always surprised about that?!..) We did the lookbook (45 images) the first day in the studio & the 5 images for the campaign outdoors the next day. The lookbook was no picnic I can tell you, it was a lot of people running around everywhere in the studio, very tight schedule & deadline, images to be chosen as we went along & sketches to be made as well.. But it was all worth it, the lookbook looks amazing! It's a pleasure to be part of something that looks so well-thought & well-worked! The title is 'Under the Oaks' & is on a type of aquarelle-paper, giving it that beautiful oldstyle-look I love so much. It all goes so well with the images, wait and see, it will be up in October!

The campaign-images on the other hand was a true delight! We had a great summer-weather so no extra light needed which makes everything go much faster (of course we had the car filled with light & equipment just in case), & it was a wrap after half a day!

Big thanks to the great team!!
At Spring Studios!
I'm kind of a hair-fascist..but the model Galan doesn't seem to mind..can't help it, I used to cut hair just for fun!..
My hardworking photoassistant Björn..
.. previewing the images, checking the sharpness and so on while I'm shooting..
Me & Red Collar Project's Jenny Eliasson choosing images after every shoot/image
Sketches for the campaign-shoots & the testimage of Björn for the lookbook. My MacBook Pro 15, my best friend (most of the time)

Photographer Lisa Hasselgren
Stylist Ida Persson
Hair & makeup Linda Lundquist
Models Galan G/Stockholmsgruppen, Theres A/Stockholmsgruppen
Photoassistant Björn Weidinger